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  • ­­­­­­­­Combined FEA and CAD development
    CAE-based simulation methods ensure the success of a development project by making it possible to predict the behavior of a design at a very early stage of development. In this way, a design can be optimized without having to build and analyze a series of prototypes. This saves a lot of time and money and […]
  • 3D technical design
    Modern production is assisted by increasingly complex mechatronic systems, today typically designed in 3D CAD (computer aided design) environments by a number of suppliers, each of them using different PLM and CAD software solutions. In today’s open, highly connected digital design environment, interoperability is the key to connecting all of them to produce a seamlessly […]
  • Documentation
    Preparation of DIN-compliant manufacturing drawings, assembly drawings and parts lists for production, assembly and maintenance. Data sets for modern CAM-based manufacturing or 3D printed components are also provided. Operating instructions as well as presentation material like animations or foto-realistic renderings can be created according to your specifications.
  • Finite Elements Simulation
    FEA simulation with ANSYS ensures the success of a development project by enabling us to predict the behavior of a design in a very early stage of development. This allows to optimize a design without the need to build and analyze a number of prototypes, which saves a significant amount of time and cost while […]
  • Technical Project Management
    Any investment in new production equipment must seamlessly increase production efficiency rather than create additional headaches for production managers. To achieve this, all engineering teams must be coordinated and supervised to ensure that the technical elements they develop work together smoothly. I will guide your automation project from concept to volume production, ensuring that the […]

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